Julien Ponge (Red Hat)

At the first Java-Meetup in 2021 we welcomed Julien Ponge who just published his latest writing Vert.x in Action.

Alongside Vert.x, Julien is working on SmallRye Mutiny, the brand new reactive library with first class support in Quarkus working there in perfect harmony with Vert.x.

Julien worked and taught almost ten years at the INSA in Lyon and works since quite a while at Red Hat on reactive topics around Java.

He stated out “It will be fun!” on our request to give us a talk about modern reactive developments with Java. And it was!

Thank you Julien for that very good and comprehensive flight through reactive systems and reactive programming with Java.

Julien provided us his slides, please find them here as PDF and don’t miss his reactive service mesh example at Github as well as his Mutiny workshop code here.